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SpiceRack Method 1:1 communication and influence program

SpiceRack Method 1:1 communication and influence program


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Leadership, HSE and other compliance roles can be some of the most lonely and unforgiving positions in construction and heavy industry. BUT they are also among the most important as we work tirelessly each day to protect people and the environment.

So if we are trying to help people, why don't they always want to be helped? Well, sometimes its our structure, sometimes its just them but sometimes it is actually us!!

This personalised course is set across multiple sessions facilitated by your own trainer and mentor who will explore the common pitfalls you experience in your position, what psychosocial principles are at play, and how to improve your influence through increased self awareness and other methods.

This is not a course filled with fluff. Our trainer/mentors have done their time in the trenches and understand the specific nuances of the heavy industry and construction worlds.

You will complete the course with a new visibility of the issues you encounter and how to make them work to your advantage to secure safe, compliant operations.